To all the women: about self-love

Since the beginning of 2017, it seems like I’m constantly hearing and reading about self-love. Is it a trend, or is it because the subject has been extra important to me over the past several months? I think it’s probably both, which makes me happy because if so many people are thinking about it and talking about it, there’s definitely truth to it. We must love ourselves to be able to spread the love.

It all starts with us, women. How many times have you heard it? I know – all your life. And there was a time when I resented it, but I am completely and utterly sure that it is us women who are changing the world. We are doing so by loving ourselves, by loving our significant others, by taking care of our children, by teaching the next generation to love and respect themselves and other people, by being conscious about the environment and loving our Mother Earth.

What is self-love to you? I have asked myself this question a lot of times, because it means something different to everyone. For some it can be simply buying a new outfit, for others it can be daily meditation, and for still others it’s family-free time for a day or longer.
For me, self-love does not come naturally. I have learned that I need to nurture it and set an example for my daughters. I want them to see a devoted and loving mom and wife who can easily juggle work and family. But I also want them to see a woman who doesn’t forget to take care of her spiritual and physical health and so stays happy and beautiful. I believe that a mother’s happiness is extremely important for her husband and children’s happiness. If I’m happy, the whole family is happy. And more than that, the whole universe is happy.

I am in a stage of my life where having time to myself is a luxury; I juggle a husband, a six-year-old daughter, a nine-month-old baby, and a company to run. But I have made a conscious effort to spend some time on myself daily; and with the support of my sweet husband and some amazing people in my life, I have created my personal prescription to self-love:
Maria Nazelie

Mindfulness– My mornings are very unpredictable because my baby is not yet sleeping through the night. But whenever I wake up, I try to carve out ten minutes for meditation and mindfulness practice. I am a true believer of mindfulness; and though I am just starting down this path, I have committed to it and will put even more effort into my meditation practices when I have more time to do so.

Gratitude – Several years ago, I learned about gratitude practice and how it can enrich lives. For some people, it can be writing a gratitude journal. But what works best for me is to turn it into a family practice: every evening during dinner, we all have to take a turn sharing what we’re grateful for. It has become such a sweet tradition, and my six-year-old loves it! The trick is not to just say a generic “I’m grateful for my family”, but to come up with very specific reasons for thanks. For example, today I am grateful to an amazing customer who sent me a gift of vegan, handmade chocolate. Isn’t it amazing?

Exercise – I won’t be talking about the benefits of regular exercise here because it’s self-explanatory. I’ll only say that ever since I started devoting 45 minutes a day to exercising (no cheating!), I feel like a totally different person! I’ve recently started BBG by Kayla Itsines – wish me luck!

Pampering – Prioritizing my skincare routine is an important part of self-love to me. I feel satisfied applying creams and lotions for two reasons: first, it sets me up for healthy skin and hair and is going to keep me looking my best in the future; second,I believe that taking time to pamper ourselves and appreciating our reflections in the mirror gives us the best opportunity to reflect on how beautiful we are, and to thank ourselves for doing something good just for us.

As women and mothers, we project our love onto our families, our friends, our homes, and everything else we encounter. We have so much love to give; we are amazing!

To all the lovely ladies who are reading this personal post: please know that you deserve it. You deserve “me time.” You are beautiful, and you are very loved.

Maria Nazelie


One thought on “To all the women: about self-love

  1. Tanya says:

    Beautiful! I absolutely agree with everything you said, working out 45 minutes isn’t always easy 🙂 but taking care of the skin morning and evening times it’s what any woman must do! I call it a healthy selfishness. Happy women’s day!

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