Pumpkin Fireplace Decoration For Fall

Several days ago during my traditional “Sundays stories takeover” I posted a story in @nazelieskincare Instagram, where my daughter was playing in front of our fireplace decorated for fall. We have received so many questions about the fireplace via DM afterwords that I decided to write a short post about it.

We have never used our fireplace in our house and I love to decorate that space a lot. I don’t know where the idea came from, I am sure somewhere from the web, but when in the beginning of October we went to pumpkin patch, I have suddenly decided that I want to stack the firebox with various sizes of pumpkins to the tee.

So that day at the farm, against all of my husband’s efforts to stop me (LOL), I bought three huge pumpkins and several medium and small size ones. It was a challenge to bring those to the car and than into the house, but it was so worth it!!! Truth to be told, I had to make another pumpkin shopping tour to purchase more of them, because apparently the firebox was much bigger than I originally thought. I ended up buying orange and several white pumpkins.

It was such an unusual delight for me to arrange and rearrange them, and the look at that fireplace brings me so much joy! I think it looks gorgeous and I am proud of being able to carry out this project from the beginning till the end all by myself. My husband liked the result and told me he was wrong, as it does bring a nice fall air to our room. And my two girls absolutely love them.


On the top of the mantel we usually display family photos, but I substituted them by our colorful Guzzini “pitchers” and added cute decor from our local grocery store. My 7-year old daughter Sophia decided to organize the pitchers in rainbow order and I think it looks adorable.

I love the fact that I am not going to just get rid of the pumpkins when it’s time to change the decor. I have already cooked a couple and made a mask from one of them. Look at this beauty – it’s a staffed pumpkin – Armenian traditional recipe, Ghapama.

And here is a DIY Pumpkin Mask Recipe (super exfoliating and resurfacing) that I used:

1 oz/ 30 g pumpkin
1 tsp honey
1 Tbsp Greek yogurt

Mix, apply to damp skin and leave on for 10 minutes, rinse away.

The pumpkins have been here for more than 20 days noting since next week it’s Halloween, I am thinking about having a pumpkin carving and decorating party for my girls. If nothing changes and I do it, I am going to share our creations here and in insta stories.



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