Pollution and Aging Skin – is it something new?

Pollution and Aging Skin - is it something new?

Pollution is the next big thing for beauty industry. According to GCI Magazine, brands are increasingly considering anti-pollution claims for use in their formulations given the interest in products which can combat the effects of environmental stress, evident in the popularity of inbuilt sun protection. Studies have shown that there is a link between exposure to air pollution and uneven skin tone, pigmentation, loss of elasticity, wrinkles and premature aging.
But if you think about it, pollution and allergens were around all the time (maybe somewhere in a little less extend) and everything new is well-forgotten old and you just need to use appropriate daily care to make sure that your skin is well-cleansed, well-moisturized and well-protected. Do you agree?
So to protect your skin from environmental irritants you still need to cleanse well (https://nazelie.com/peeling-mask.html), apply your antioxidant-rich cream (https://nazelie.com/youth-illuminator.html) and sunscreen. In the evening you need to cleanse well (https://nazelie.com/peeling-mask.html), and apply your moisturizer (https://nazelie.com/moisturizing-night-cream.html).
I like this video where WSJ’s Elizabeth Holmes and Tanya Rivero discuss. Let me know your thoughts.


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