We Believe Yes.

The secret is simplicity combined with intelligence. Skincare made from time-tested recipes of pure, natural ingredients, proven to treat, soothe, hydrate and heal in formulas smart enough to help your skin be radiant.

Nazelie is all of that. Nazelie stands for intelligence, beauty, and grace. And that’s exactly what you will experience.

The Process

Based on our family’s Armenian recipes and formulas, Nazelie is skincare modernized for a new generation. We represent centuries of expertise: Great grandmother’s recipes, mother’s aesthetics treatments and daughters’ dermatology and business practices. You get the traditions–and benefits–of generations of skin healers in every jar.

How it Works

We handcraft small batches of Nazelie skincare to include the most effective ingredients, sourced from nature, in formulations that work for your skin. We optimize the healing properties of olive oil, shea butter, beeswax, cocoa butter, avocado oil and pomegranate extract to help even the most challenged skin–be it oily, dry, sensitive, or acne-prone–achieve beauty.

Then we add an extra ingredient of love. It’s in our family and our heritage. We add it to encourage you to treat your skin with love.

Finally, we deliver results because we customize a regimen for your skin. That’s what we do, pure and simple.

That’s our secret to beautiful skin.