There are so many terms tossed around, from ‘natural’ to ‘organic’ to ‘non-GMO’. What should we be looking for in our skincare?

It’s important to know what the ingredients are because compounds in our products can be absorbed through the skin and enter our systems. This can cause all kinds of havoc if it’s a potentially dangerous chemical.

The FDA establishes the regulations for skincare products but cannot and does not police every new product. The beauty industry is largely self-regulated. Which means it’s up to the consumer to know what she is putting on her skin.

Always read the ingredients on the back of a product label. Most beauty products contain emollients, humectants, emulsifiers, surfactants and preservatives, but some are natural, meaning they come from natural sources like beeswax, shea butter and olive oil, and others are synthetic, or chemically reproduced. Nazelie only uses the natural versions like organic extra virgin olive oil and organic beeswax. (You know they’re natural because you’ve heard of these ingredients in nature.)

Nazelie skincare does not contain anything that would be harmful to your skin or body. Nazelie skincare does not include any phthalates, parabens, harsh preservatives, or synthetic fragrances in our products. With botanicals, we use only real ingredients sourced from nature. We are an artisanal skincare company and believe in small-batch production. We hand fill our own jars. We use natural ingredients for skin care products.

We really want you to use what is best for your skin’s health. Healthy skin is radiant, smooth, supple, elastic and moist, with a slight flush. It’s in equilibrium where antioxidants are negating free radicals and your hormones are keeping oil and hydration in balance.

We are devoted to your skin’s health and radiance, and we use the most natural way possible to achieve both.

Here is the list of toxic ingredients that you should be aware of and look up in cosmetic labels: