We are pleased to present a new segment in our blog through which you can meet our customers and also have a chance to be featured in the next edition.

Meet our guest today – Anastasia Lev, @choc_n_raw


N.S.: What do you do?Tell us a little about yourself.

A.L.:  I started my career in police, believe it or not and I used to work at Moscow Subway. I never graduated the police academy though because I wasn’t sure I wanted this to be my long-term career. I also used to work for the advertising company for quite a while and before my husband and I moved to the USA I worked at publishing office of “Komsomolskaya Pravda” and got a degree in advertising.

Anastasia Lev

A few years ago, while still living in Moscow me and my husband tried raw vegan diet. I became really excited about healthy lifestyle. As any girl who loves sweets I started looking for the ways I could still have treats while being raw vegan. And I started making raw vegan desserts.

N.S.: It is always so exciting when somebody finds their calling and when your work is actually what you really love! We tried your chocolate, it is extraordinary, so delicious!

A.L.: Thank you, I was lucky enough to meet maestro Natalia Spiteri, who patiently taught me the art of creating healthy raw chocolate and shared her tips and secrets in this field. I am so devoted to my chocolate and raw vegan lifestyle now that I don’t understand how I could ever eat any other kind of chocolate.

N.S.: What aspect of it is your favorite?

A.L.: Coming up with new recipes: I absolutely enjoy trying new spices and ingredients. The excitement with the results is awesome!

N.S.: When you are a business owner, you usually work 24/7 if not physically, but mentally for sure. How do you achieve balance?

A.L.: It does not come easy to me))) I often work through the nights because I have a little son, who is quite a trouble maker, but he is the best thing that ever happened to me and my husband.
Anastasia Lev

I do practice yoga, but unfortunately not as often as I would like to.

N.S.: For how long have you been using Nazelie Skincare? How did you hear about us?

A.L.: I use Nazelie skincare for about a year now. I absolutely love Peeling Mask and Anti-Wrinkle Eye cream and use it on daily basis. Sasha Zvereva told me about it and Irena Ponaroshku mentioned how much she loves your
skincare line as well, so I had to try it and I am very happy I did.

N.S.: What do you think distinguishes our skincare from other brands?

A.L.: Skincare consisting of natural ingredients and delivering noticeable results are two very important qualities for me. Only a few brands are in line with these expectations. Nazelie is one of them.

N.S.: What else would you like to try from Nazelie skincare?

A.L.: I would really want to try Your Rejuvenator and hope that I’ll enjoy it as much as the eye cream and the mask I’ve been devoted to.



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