I Quit Sugar. DIY Homemade Sugar Scrubs

I Quit Sugar. DIY Homemade Sugar Scrubs

You all know that sugar causes inflammation, which will only accelerate aging, it turns directly to fat and messes with our hormone systems.
I have been trying to cut off sugar for a long time now, but the more I try the more I realize that there is no safe amount of sugar. So I am slowly getting ready to start my complete sugar-free life. For those of you who are looking to do the same I can recommend the “I Quit Sugar” by Sarah Wilson that inspires me a lot and has great sugar-free recipes.
I decided to take the first step and instead of just throwing away all the sugar supplies I had or bake something as a “good-bye” to my sugar-addicted life I turned it into something useful – homemade sugar scrub that I can use on my body, hands and feet.
The scrubs help slough away dead skin cells while hydrating and increasing microcirculation. This recipe is so easy that I am sure you would be inspired by it and will make your own sugar scrub.


I used Jojoba oil because it bears a striking resemblance to our skin’s own sebum (oil), allowing it to be naturally and easily absorbed to soften and restore the oil balance of the skin. If you don’t have Jojoba oil you can use Olive oil or Grapeseed oil instead.


Coconut oil is another ingredient that I added to my scrubs to provide hydration and replenishment to the newly revealed skin.


If you use it on your face, make sure you are very gentle [don’t rub!!!] and make sure you apply a moisturizer after the scrub.
To package my sugar scrubs I spooned them into wide-mouth half pint mason jars. This recipe gave me enough scrub to fill 5 of them. I added beautiful dollies between the jar and ring and it made my jars super cute. Then I tied some red and white twine around the jar for the perfect finishing touch. I think they look fabulous!
Ok, enjoy and scrub away!


  • 5 cups sugar (you can use any sugar you have, I used white granulated sugar)
    ⅓ cup organic coconut oil (melted)
    ⅓ cup organic jojoba oil 3 tsp extract (mint/orange/lemon/vanilla). You can find I used these extracts from WholeFoods
    a couple drops of food colouring

You can watch the video below for the instructions.
Hope you enjoy the sugar quitting and scrub making process as much as I did.
As always, wishing you a flawless skin!

Maria Nazelie


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