Do you really need a toner?

Nazelie Cleansing Milk

As you look over your morning and evening skincare routines, a toner may be low on your list of priorities—if it’s even on the list! You may even not use a toner at all, and this is understandable. The old story on toners was one of pH balancing and removing the stuff from your face that your cleanser didn’t, to achieve a squeaky clean. But the toners went a long way after that.

At Nazelie we believe that the toner is an essential part of a skincare routine, and in our intelligent system it plays a very important role. Most of our creams are oil-based, so the Purifying Tonic works as a perfect pre-cream product, removing extra oil and preparing the skin to treatment by the day cream. It removes excess oil from the skin and can help prevent breakouts for those with acne-prone skin.
The Nazelie Cleansing Milk, which is really a softener and for oily skin it can substitute a moisturizer, especially in the summertime. For dry skin type it serves as a softener that helps deliver effective ingredients into the skin for a softer, smoother feel.


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