Decluttering Your House – Cleaning Your Pores

Clear the space you are in to open for new beginnings. Similarly, clear the skin you are in (by regular exfoliation, facials, extractions) to be open to the treatments and renewal!

I am a big fan of feng shui. For thos who don’t know feng shui is an ancient art that has been practice by the Chinese for thousands of years to improve the layout and flow of energy through their homes. The major aim of feng shui is to control energy (chi) flows through the home. It should be able to move freely around each room, exiting through the windows, and not slow down and become sluggish because of any blockages, usually in the form of clutter. Decluttering is one of the most important “cures” per feng shui, and according to feng shui, clearing out junk will have a major impact on your life.
I LOVE decluttering, I do this on a regular basis and in my case it’s one of the two:
1) every day I try to check out my space (home, work, car) and get rid of any kind of unnecessary things;
2) 2-4 times a year I go through big cleaning process, usually room by room, where I get rid of huge piles of STUFF!!!
Where does it come from? How come it builds up even if I try to get rid of it almost every day?
Anyway, when I throw away another pile I get this amazing feeling, when I declutter, the feeling of freedom and new beginnings ahead of me.

When I think of decluttering I keep getting this analogy in my mind that decluttering is very much similar to a facial with extractions, when your pores are cleaned, your dead skin cells are removed and your skin starts breathing freely and getting healed in a shorter period of time. And similar to clearing the space we can do this in two ways:
1) every day we cleanse our face with a great cleanser (Peeling Mask) and we use great products to shed off dead skin cells (Youth Illuminator, Radiance Enhancing Day Cream, Mattifying Day Cream).
2) several times a year we also need a facial (this is me after the facial, 2008), some of us need facials with extractions, to do major “decluttering” and clear our pores to ensure that our skin is receptive to the new treatments, it’s ready for the renewal and is able to maintain its youthful appearance.
Will be happy to hear your thoughts on this analogy and overall about my favorite decluttering topic!
With love,

Maria decluttering


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