How We Put Together a Gallery Wall at Nazelie Headquarters

Hi All,

Finally i’ve created a video of how we put together our wonderful gallery wall at the office. Please note that the inspiration for that wall was our brand’s story and heritage. When choosing the items for the wall, I followed my heart and wanted them to “feel” ours from every angle: colors, shapes, topics, etc. And I think we did an amazing job, at least all of us, who work in that space feel motivated by the objects that surround us and the gallery wall has a lot to do with it.

Some of the items on wall are family photos, as you might notice; some are enhancing the feminine feeling in the space, others talk about the heritage. For example, a photograph of a green door reminds me of our house in Tbilisi, Georgia where we were born and where our skincare was born as well. And the vintage artwork with two ladies in beautiful dresses is a reminder that Nazelie Skincare was first created a century ago and we are lucky enough to preserve the authentic recipes that help so many people look and feel great.

I want to thank my brother George and our wonderful team, Kate and Tina, for helping me realize my idea. I had just had a baby and I took a role of a “conductor” behind the Facetime camera, directing my team’s actions. And they did amazing! Thank you, I couldn’t have done it without you!

As to how we knew what to do, I must say, that I was inspired by Katherine Schwarzenegger’s post about How to Put Together A Perfect Gallery Wall – she posts some very useful tips on this seemingly easy, but quite challenging task. You can find the post HERE.

Hope you’ll like our gallery wall as much as we do. We all had fun while putting it together!😉



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